Lancôme and Bowerhaus do a collaboration in KLCC





The Romantic Streets of Paris came to life when Lancôme re-launched their number one selling fragrance “Trésor in love” in the centre concourse of KLCC in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia on the 23rd of July. Known as the busiest retail spot in Kuala Lumpur, it was an honour for Bowerhaus to be associated with such a legendary brand and location. Bowerhaus was invited to showcase a window display. Shen-Tel and Elizabeth Lee spent weeks designing a space that would be Parisian Chic. The lyric “You make me happy when skies are grey” from the song “You are my Sunshine” was the inspiration for the display. Planning to get all the props they needed and installing it in such a tight time frame was a real challenge. Setup was from 4am to 7am with the final approval to be given at 8am. 

Shen-Tel and Elizabeth thought they had it all planed to the last hour until a massive spanner was thrown into the works. The actual street set was not completed until 7am leaving the girls only an hour to get their installation into place. Surrounded by many contractors and wet paint the display was put together in record speed. Visual merchandising is truly a labour of love and the co-founders of Bowerhaus are in total awe of all designers that battle window displays on a daily basis. 

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