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A designer who loves nothing more than a good laugh, a cheeky meal by the roadside and a good junk shop!

This time, we take a sneak peek into a day in the life of Shen-Tel Lee, designer and co-founder of Jewellery label Bowerhaus.

Launch day for our biggest collaboration to date with the cult label dUCk. Arrived early to help with setup and go over details for the press and consumer event.

Breakfast inspired by the decadent pastries at Le Meruice in Paris, the hotel that inspired this collection.

Quick press photo with my sister and designer partner-in-crime Elizabeth Lee in our dUCkxBowerhaus scarves.

dUCkxBowerhaus scarves all lined up ready to go for the Press event.

Vivy Yusof at the custom dUCkxBowerhaus bracelet bar where she created her very own design to pair with her dUCkxBowerhaus Jade scarf.

Just one more missing from this photo, D.

Consumer event is in full swing and the line at the cashier and custom bar is insane. Still can’t believe how loyal and kind hearted all the dUCk fans were. Some customers waited for up to 5 hours to get their scarves. That is LOVE!

Personal portraits for all the guests.

Admiring the works of art and wishing that I got mine done. The line was just too long.

Home time! My feet at killing me at this stage. Didn’t forget to take this photo home with me from the photo table. What an amazing day!

To see more of Shen-Tel, follow her on Instagram @shentel

Bowerhaus Mother’s Day High Tea event | 8.5.2016

Bowerhaus together with Poppies created the ultimate Mother’s Day experience with their bespoke High Tea event at Century Kuching Hotel.

Together with co-founder Shen-Tel and Poppies owner Olivia Ling guests created their very own bespoke Bowerhaus bracelets from a candy bar of gemstones and pearls.

This event had mothers and daughters and best friends attend who were looking for an afternoon of creativity, colour and delicious high tea. To find out about our next event be sure to sign up to our newsletter at

The Malaysian Women’s Weekly – May 2016



Look who we spotted in the May issue of The Malaysian Women’s Weekly just in time for Mother’s Day!

Baby Shower in honour of Elizabeth Lee

I am thrilled to share with you that my baby sister Elizabeth Lee and her husband Benjamin Yong are expecting a little girl. Baby B (as she is now known) had her first party on the 8th of May in a space created entirely for her!
Benjamin Yong was so excited about being a father he created a new baby and child friendly cafe called Benbinos in Publika. The cafe opened just in time for the baby shower. The shower was inspired by all things that Elizabeth loves, the colour yellow, balloons, fondant cookies and a splash of glitter.

The highlight would be the balloon babies that the guests got to learn to make on the day as well as an amazing dessert buffet created by the Big Group. Guests were treated to a limited edition Bowerhaus pearl bracelet as well as intricately decorated fondant cookies. Guests took polaroid photos with a Baby B doll that I adopted from the famous New York toy store FAO Schwarz. The photos were clipped with a wish card that the guests all filled in for Ben and Elizabeth to keep as a momentum of who attended on the day. Xox Shentel
“My favourite part was definitely seeing all the guests make their BIG baby balloons as well as the heart warming speech my sister gave. So many people travelled from near and far to shower both Ben and I with love. When we got home we loved reading through the wish cards as well as seeing all the hilarious photos the guest took. We can’t wait till baby B comes.” Elizabeth Lee

Benjamin and Elizabeth’s Sydney Wedding

We are so happy to share with you photos from our co-founders Sydney wedding. Naturally the bridal party and guests were treated to all things Bowerhaus. We wish the couple years of happiness and wedded bliss.

Images by SugarLove Weddings

Journey – Rimowa with Elizabeth Lee







For decades Rimowa luggage have been the choice luggage for the international jet set, from actors to models, football teams to business travellers worldwide. Here, Rimowa chronicles the journeys of six stylish Malaysian jet setters, each with his or her own personal favourite Rimowa range.

Hermione Olivia


about-Hermione-OliviaProcessed with VSCOcam with c1 preset Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

There are girls who just are the bees knees. You meet them and in seconds you are captivated by their soul, personality and if your lucky, their style. Both Elizabeth and I are blessed to know such a girl. Hermione Underwood and her incredible family are the kind of people you dream of having in your life. Elizabeth went to school with Hermione and the two geek like girls in glasses always knew they would grow up to do big things. And big things these girls have done. Their past headmistress Mrs Danziger would be proud.

I have been a big sister to Hermione and have always kept a watchful eye on her through the years. She never took the easy road, always up for the challenge of building her own brand and business, learning from her own mistakes and not following the cookie cutter norm all the while dressed head to toe in a fabulous mix of high street and vintage classic pieces.

Last year while in Sydney we caught up for a LONG lunch and she told me she wanted to move to London. I egged her on and told her to pack everything up and do it. Weeks later she packed her bags and went on an exploration trip to see if London could be her new home. The short trip turned into weeks away from home. We all knew her time in Sydney was coming to an end when she never returned.

I am happy to report that Hermione is now based in London setting up her once Sydney based company The H Collective. As if moving countries and setting up her business isn’t enough, this clever cookie created a fabulous website Filled with the most amazing images of her personal style and travel tips from other girls in the know, the site is the perfect place to find inspiration and hidden gems.

Enjoy! Xox Shentel


Elizabeth – My favourite things



The globe trotting entrepreeneur

There are not many things that Elizabeth Lee has not attempted. This Graphic Designer from Sydney has a knack of mastering skills of her leisure pursuits; from being a competitive Salsa dancer, certified Deep Sea Scuba Diver to a licenced Zumba instructor. Elizabeth can be found scouring materials from souks in Istanbul, flea markets in Paris, bazaars in Egypt to night markets in Thailand. This avid traveller is the driving force behind Bowerhaus’ international growth. Though a foodie at heart, her biggest weakness is the humble potato chip.

Follow Elizabeth on Instagram @elizabethshenlyn