Both Elizabeth and I grew up obsessed with this movie. Last night I had the sudden urge to have a Cher-a-thone and watched Moonstruck and Mermaids back to back. As my friend told me over message “You’re a gay boy trapped in a female body.” Xox Shentel

FA LA LA FRIDAY with the Mini Warbler!


Raise your glass with the mini warbler Kellen who is only 4 years old! This little man has the moves and is already a heart breaker!!! 

Fa la la Friday: LOVE IS STRANGE with Ewan McGregor

Its Fa la la Friday! who doesn't love singing along to this… esp from Dirty Dancing!
However this clip with Ewan McGregor lip singing it is quite bazaar!

Falala Friday… Up town girl


LOVE singing along to uptown girl!

Fa la la Friday – singing in the rain!


singing in the rain is a classic that we simply love. After all who hasn't at least once in their life, twirled their umbrella or stomped in massive puddles when it rains. Hail, rain or shine I still love singing in the rain! We are also crazy about this modern mix with Gwenyth Paltrow… who knew that girl had pipes! LOVE


FA LA LA FRIDAY – Calendar Girl


An oldie but defiantly a goodie. When we were growing up Neil Sedaka was constantly on repeat in the car!