The Deb Bailey Collection

Bowerhaus is honoured to be appointed to create a Deb Bailey Collection. To capture Deb’s inimitable style, we look to the four seasons to capture her individuality. Like the bubbly and distinctive personality of the effervescent lady herself, The Deb Bailey Collection exudes her vibrant personality and vivacious spirit. Bowerhaus created one-off pieces where no two necklaces and earrings are alike to reflect Deb’s individuality and passion for life.

Each necklace has a slice of a naturally formed agate nugget attached to alternating oval and round freshwater pearls surrounded by sparkling rock crystals. Each agate nugget is unique and every pearl has a personality all of its own. Each necklace has been individually hand-knotted and lovingly secured with a Bowerhaus charmed S hook.

Bowerhaus is proud to present The Deb Bailey Collection: an item that is chic, elegant and full of panache. 100 percent of sales of The Deb Bailey Collection today goes to the Deb Bailey Foundation. The necklace and earring set is priced at $220.