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A Opalite face roller that can be used to enrich your skincare routine. The face roller has a larger and smaller stone for effortless movement over the face and neck. Best used when fresh out of the fridge and paired with a serum or hydrating moisturiser. Enjoy the highly energetic powers of the opaline stone with our matching Bowerhaus bracelet after your beauty ritual.

Bracelet: Opalite and freshwater pearls with gold plated hardware

Face roller: Opalite stone

  • Place in fridge for five minutes
  • Use on clean skin or over a serum or masque or moisturiser to enhance benefits
  • Move directionally outwards on face
  • Start and finish rolling with downwards movements on either side of the neck
  • Use the smaller end for more delicate areas and harder-to-reach spots
  • Rinse and clean with water and dry with a cloth
Product code: FR-2