Hearts Aglow


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13-18mm kasumi freshwater pearls with Bowerhaus pavé clasps. Length: 102.5cm.

Get ready to meet your most versatile accessory. Designed as a mask lanyard to keep you fashionably safe, simply open each clasp and hook ends to your mask. Once it is securely attached it will keep your mask safe and around your neck when not in use.

Want to use this lanyard for your glasses?
We have included a set of rubber connectors for your use. Open each clasp and connect to one end of the rubber loop and place the opposite loop on each of the glasses earpiece. Slide it to fit where it’s most comfortable on your face. Push the small metal slide that sits beneath the loop or ring to tighten it to the earpiece. Create a snug fit to prevent your glasses from slipping.

Want to wear it as a necklace?
All you have to do is interlink the clasps to turn your lanyard into a necklace. Depending on the size of your lanyard you may even be able to wear it as a wrap bracelet.

Product code: LY-BC-9