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David LaChapelle

We all love being inspired especially on a monday to get us through the week… Meet David LaChapelle a photographer who is not scared to push boundaries and shock his audience with bright bold colours and a confrontational subject matter. He has directed advertisements for major brands, shot hundreds of celebrities, and currently he is shooting in Australia for and with the new Nokia N8 Mobile phone.

Bowerhaus LOVES LOVES LOVES David LaChapelle… wouldn't it be great to be able to take a sneak peak inside his mind when he is figuring out concepts for his shoots! if only… take a peak at his other works here.


Sunday Match

Snap up Bowerhaus – Yo Bracelet set made of Silver beads, Baroque and freshwater Pearls. Wear this to play everything up from past-season pieces to new-season favorites… Match this with Judith Leiber Zebra fine crystal-embellished clutch

Tear out Thursday


Ummmmm Pretzels and Chocolate…. HELLO! When Bowerhaus saw this ad we literally wanted to eat the paper. Doesn't this picture just make your mouth feel salty and sweet at the same time? Were searching high and low to get our hands on a packet in Sydney. Hope it makes it to our shores soon.

Buy me online now in bulk!

Whisper Wednesday

We will let you in on an online insiders secret… Grandiflora is the one and only online florist in Australia to send a sensational bouquet that simply oozes luxe! Bowerhaus LOVES LOVES LOVES these magnificent beauties as you can always be assuered that any bouquet clicked and ordered will be beyond spectacular!

Images from Grandiflora website.

T is for Typography

Helvetica Neue is a reworking of the typeface Helvetica with a more structurally unified set of heights and widths. We Love how clean Helvetica Neue sits, and with it in Ultra light, makes this condesed font much thinnner and prouder on your page. After all who doesn't love to be thin!



We all love being inspired espeically on a monday to get us through the week… Meet Mondo Guerra, "Project Runway" Season 8 designer who we simply adore and can't help but love his personality, goofiness, and bold design style.

He is not afraid to play with loud pop colours or in your face prints, yet he is still able to create a piece of beauty that every girl would love to wear and have fun in. Although Mondo was not the final winner of Project Runway, he was a clear winner in Bowerhaus eyes!

Mondo Guerra’s photographed looks, courtesy of Lifetime.

Sunday Match


Snap up Bowerhaus – Bon Giorno Neckalce made of Black Onyx and a luscious Baroque Pearl. Wear this to upgrade everything from past-season pieces to new-season favorites… Match this with loud Christian Louboutin Misfit 150 suede and leather sandals that adds 6 inches to your height.