Hermione Olivia


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There are girls who just are the bees knees. You meet them and in seconds you are captivated by their soul, personality and if your lucky, their style. Both Elizabeth and I are blessed to know such a girl. Hermione Underwood and her incredible family are the kind of people you dream of having in your life. Elizabeth went to school with Hermione and the two geek like girls in glasses always knew they would grow up to do big things. And big things these girls have done. Their past headmistress Mrs Danziger would be proud.

I have been a big sister to Hermione and have always kept a watchful eye on her through the years. She never took the easy road, always up for the challenge of building her own brand and business, learning from her own mistakes and not following the cookie cutter norm all the while dressed head to toe in a fabulous mix of high street and vintage classic pieces.

Last year while in Sydney we caught up for a LONG lunch and she told me she wanted to move to London. I egged her on and told her to pack everything up and do it. Weeks later she packed her bags and went on an exploration trip to see if London could be her new home. The short trip turned into weeks away from home. We all knew her time in Sydney was coming to an end when she never returned.

I am happy to report that Hermione is now based in London setting up her once Sydney based company The H Collective. As if moving countries and setting up her business isn’t enough, this clever cookie created a fabulous website www.hermioneolivia.com. Filled with the most amazing images of her personal style and travel tips from other girls in the know, the site is the perfect place to find inspiration and hidden gems.

Enjoy! Xox Shentel